Comsysto Reply Zagreb

Software Solutions

For years Comsysto Reply has been a pioneer in agile development of customised software solutions that help companies tackle the challenges of digital transformation. With a clear focus on Open Source Frameworks and Cloud Services, Comsysto Reply is able to fasten innovation, minimise risks and build sustainable entrepreneurial value. Comsysto Reply works closely in cross-functional product teams with customers, partners and sister companies of the Reply Group, while taking the leading role in the application of lean and agile methods, big data, user experience research, DevOps as well as continuous delivery.

Comsysto Reply Zagreb

Apart from its headquarters in Munich with approximately 100+ permanently employed colleagues, Comsysto Reply has an office located in Zagreb, Croatia, with approximately 50 coworkers. These specialists work as a stand-alone nearshoring team or as support for project teams located on-site for our customers in German-speaking countries.

In addition, our colleagues from other locations, such as Regensburg, Berlin, Vienna, Nuremberg, work remote or on-site for our customers. All offices maintain great contact with our Bavarian headquarters and thereby follow the philosophy/vision of Comsysto Reply.



Sky Office, Tower A, 17th floor, Ul. Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9
10000 Zagreb, Croatia.



We are a proud subsidiary of the Reply Corporation! It brings many benefits.

Zagreb Office

The Zagreb office is a place of warmth, a site where you will hear the best jokes, but don't let it fool you, it is the home to the best technological solutions. Whether you are interested in joining or hiring us, you are on the right place. You will find us and everything you need at Sky Office, Tower A, 17th floor, Ul. Roberta Frangeša Mihanovića 9.