CICD Toolchain

Industry: Automotive

Use case

Comsysto Reply is working with a big German automotive customer on the design, architecture and Implementation of a cloud-based Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery Toolchain in order to automate testing and simulation of vehicle software components and thus drastically shorten vehicle development cycles.


Modern cars have between 6,000,000 to 10,000,000 lines of code built into their various controllers. From brakes to engine and suspension to steering wheel, all those modules process inputs and give outputs to other modules in order to make driving safer, easier and more comfortable. Each hardware module is also represented as a software model so that it can be tested using Matlab and Simulink.


The project goal is to automate the processes and procedures described before so that knowledge about pipeline generation and execution is built into a pipeline itself. Additionally we need to shorten the time between the release of new hardware component model and final co-simulation execution where the entire integrated system is tested on a virtual car, and later on a real car.

Key facts

  • Process automation
  • Drastically shortened vehicle development cycles
  • Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery