Mobile Device Key

Industry: Automotive

Use case

In the current digital era where more and more things are used on our smart devices, cars are no exception. Use of the conventional car keys as we know it will become obsolete and the digital representation of the key will take its place. Within the CCC - Car Connectivity Consortium a framework and interface concept for the implementation of the MDK project was created.


Crucial for the success of the solution is the security of the architecture and the user’s full control over his keys. With the digital key, we are extending the comfort of the vehicles. Because the Smartphone is our personal companion, it is the perfect device for this purpose. With the Smartphone, the vehicle can be driven completely without a conventional vehicle key can be used.


Digital keys are to be stored on the smartphone. Several keys can be stored on the smartphone for this purpose.

Main Features:

  • Use of the smartphone as a vehicle key
  • Allocation of keys to friends and family
  • Remote key transfer

Key facts

  • Conventional vehicle key does not have to be present
  • Flexible management of digital keys via smartphone or Web App
  • Opening up further possibilities for Car Sharing and fleet management