Vehicle Recalling System

Industry: Automotive

Use case

The international automotive manufacturer has successfully rolled out a new, individual, scalable solution based on open source technologies with Comsysto Reply as a partner. Thus a 30-year-old legacy application for recall processes could be replaced by a modern web application that meets today’s standards of user experience, design, security and traffic.


The recall web application can be used by internal employees as well as by car dealers, importers and workshops worldwide. Extreme load peaks can occur in case recall campaigns cause a particular public interest. In total, the application is planned to be used in over 30 different languages, which means additional complexity due to internationalization.


The existing monolithic system is replaced by a cloud-native microservice architecture running on the Cloud Foundry platform deployed to AWS, thanks to Comsysto Reply’s specific cloud-native architecture know-how and domain knowledge. The solution is implemented using technologies such as Java, Spring Boot, Typescript, and Angular and is based on the Twelve-Factor App methodology to provide a modern, scalable and maintainable system that is used on a global scale.

Key facts

  • Around 60 million transactions per day
  • Used by around 25.000 companies globally (internal corporate employees, car dealers, workshops)
  • Scalable microservice architecture engineered to support extreme load peeks and to meet today’s standards of user experience, design, security, and traffic