Vehicle Data Collection

Industry: Automotive

Use case

Our customer offers a wide range of value added services for its clients, which are based on information collected by the vehicle. The acquired data is then transmitted from the car to back-end services and can describe e.g. the vehicle‘s state itself, the traffic condition the vehicle finds itself in, or the vehicle‘s environment. New data is continuously used to improve prediction algorithms.


New models with additional sensor information, the increase in vehicle registrations itself, as well as the increase in frequency for sending data in order to provide more accurate predictions are just some reasons why the number of requests increases exponentially in the future. This leads to the challenge that legacy systems and architectures are not capable of meeting the technical demands in terms of scalability, availability and resilience anymore.


The existing legacy microservices are ported to an on-premise Openshift cluster, and AWS based on microservice architecture bit by bit. Comsyto Reply enables this transformation by providing specific AWS architecture Know-How in combination with domain knowledge. This provides future-proof services and databases that easily scale with the increasing demands.

Key facts

  • Data coming from over 2,300,000 vehicles
  • ~ 13,000,000,000 calls per day
  • Scalable micro services architecture running on EU, US and China